Konjac Body Sponge Mother's Day gift for mom
pure sol beauty konjac body sponge charcoal turmeric original sponge
Pure Sol. Charcoal Konjac Body Sponge
Pure Sol. Charcoal Konjac Body Sponge Buff for Shower


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Indulge in the ultimate detoxifying experience with our Charcoal Konjac Body Sponge. Crafted from 100% natural konjac root infused with the purifying properties of charcoal, this luxurious sponge offers a deep and invigorating cleanse for your skin.

All you need to do is add water!  It is gentle enough for everyday use and will last 1-3 months depending on usage. 

  • extra soft texture, gently exfoliates & moisturizes 
  • ideal for delicate and sensitive skin
  • free of parabens, sulphates & chemicals 
  • eco-friendly, biodegradable & vegan

Bamboo Charcoal: Perfect for oily, combination and problematic skin

Give your mom the gift of a spa-like experience at home with our Charcoal Konjac Body Sponge. Whether she's looking to detoxify, exfoliate, or simply indulge in some self-care, this natural sponge is sure to delight. It's the perfect way to show your love and appreciation this Mother's Day.

Customer Reviews

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Move over wash clothe!

I changed to a konjac sponge from using awash clothe and it is great! NO only does my skin look amazing I am saving so much body wash! You only need to use the smallest amount and it foams up! win win

Kiley P
I don't know how I showered with out this

Once you add this to your bath routine you will never go back. You only need just a little bit of cleanser and it is ever so gentle at cleansing your body and getting rid of dry skin. I am so happy my friend told me about this.

A new one!

I love this longlasting charcoal body sponge!

Marie Brand
This sponge has completely cured my oily skin. I ...

This sponge has completely cured my oily skin. I wash with Cetaphil every day and there is something about the sponge that completely erases any traces of residue or oil. My face has literally cleared up 100%.

Amazon Customer
because this product is deserving of every great review there is

FIRST review on Amazon ever, because this product is deserving of every great review there is. I'm the pickiest person I know when it comes to just about anything, and was hesitant to purchase this product due to my usual skeptic self, in addition to some of the (few) poor reviews I've read. After much deliberating, I finally decided to bite the bullet, and boy, am I glad I did! This product REALLY does leave the skin so smooth and soft to the point where I no longer need to moisturize daily, which is amazing considering how dull/dry my skin usually is after the shower. Another great feat is that this sponge does not soak up my body wash the way a traditional loofah does, which means I can get away with using less soap, but still work up an amazing frothy lather! Those who complain about the sponge ripping apart are likely not drying it properly/as directed. DO NOT wring it, rather, squeeze out excess water by pressing it between your palms and hanging it up to dry. It's a bit more maintenance, yes, but oh so worth it! Definitely one of the best, if not THE BEST shower purchases I've ever made.