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PURESOL Glow natural skincare


Happy Skin. Happy Hair. Happy Sleep.


What people are saying

As someone who struggles with oily skin, I just had to leave a review. I have been using numerous products on my face for years, such as pore clearing astringent, face wash, and creams, to clear out my pores and leave my face refreshed. Though my face gets clean from these products, I've been unable to reduce the appearance of the size of pores, that is until I purchased this product.

Rpm, Amazon Customer

I LOVE these bath bombs! They smell amazing - the smell makes you feel like you are in a fancy spa and is instantly relaxing. They make bath time feel super luxurious and make my skin silky smooth. I would definitely buy them again. Packaging is super cute and I think these would make an awesome gift. Highly recommended!

Amazon Customer

Pure Sol is super fast with shipping and our clients love the eye masks! The items were received quickly and packaged nicely. I'm glad to offer my customers another exfoliating tool. The konjac sponges are very popular abroad and perfect for everyone in the family.

Shannon S.

Obsessed with these organic bath bombs from Puresol! As a busy mama, it's key to relax after a busy day and these lush bath fuzzies do the trick. Even better, they make my skin silky smooth and have an aroma that is instantly relaxing, especially when you're in the mood for a little papering. They come in a cute package and will make great gifts. Highly recommend!

Shanna T.

This sponge has been great for exfoliation, yet still gentle on the skin. I worked for a dermatology office, and many people pay a lot of money for microdermabrasion. In my opinion, this little sponge does pretty much the same thing, minus the suction of microdermabrasion which can cause extra redness. 

S. Allen

I  seriously love your product! At their very reasonable cost, I can afford to buy them for myself and give them as gifts to my friends. Mostly I love the fact that it is a pure, natural sponge and that it is vegan. It also feels really good on my face and even though I have sensitive skin it does not irritate. Thank you for changing my mind about the way I clean my face.

Phyllis C.

Clear Skin Finally! Love this little sponge. My skin has gotten so soft and so clear with it!


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