The Best Eye Patches For Dark Circles

Can dark eye circles be removed? 

I’ve found myself guilty of googling ‘The Best Eye Patches for Dark Circles’ one too many times. If you’re constantly on the go, juggling work and the kids, it almost seems like dark eyes circles are a part of your everyday “look”.

Under eye patches

Although they cannot be permanently removed, there are solutions to reduce the appearance. It just takes time, patience, and a little knowledge on where to start.

But first, some questions to ask yourself…

  1. Are you getting enough sleep?
  2. Are you consuming enough water?
  3. Have you been a getting a little TOO much sun?

If you answer yes to any of the above, this is your start line.

Rest and hydration.

It truly does wonders for your body. And ultimately, it is the foundation to your glow.

Next, once you’ve nailed down those areas, it’s time to determine which products you can incorporate into your routine.

under eye patches

Eye patches that work

Four words. Twenty-one letters. And a great investment to your skin.

Under. Eye. Hydrogel. Masks.

Not to be corny, but they are the bee’s knees. As we speak, I am wearing a pair. Because if we’re honest with each other, today is a super busy workload, but a mini pampering session needed to be done.

Hydrogel under eye masks

The fact that you can slap a pair on any time of the day is so convenient. They stay in place and  results are best when you have freshly cleansed, dry skin. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and boom!


There are so many to choose from that provide a range of benefits to soothe your eyes and reduce those pesky dark under eye circles.

What benefits do under eye patches provide?

  • They rejuvenate delicate areas of the under eye while reducing puffiness and dark circles. (Shout out to the grape seed extract)
  • They reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (aka your secret, but not so secret, anti-aging agent)

    • The vitamin C infused helps to repair free radical damage and fade dark spots
    • They stimulate and naturally boost collagen production to target and improve skin texture and quality
    • They are anti-inflammatory. The roseoil ingredient is also amazing for anti-aging 

      Some of my fav go-to’s are:

      The Perk Up with Gold + Hyaluronic Acid 

      • The gold helps to brighten
      •  The hyaluronic acid and hydrogel paired together lock in moisture 

        The Wake Up Hydrogel Eye Mask Charcoal + Hyaluronic Acid

        • The charcoal will aid in detoxing and de-puffing  
        • The hyaluronic acid restores the lost moisture in your skin

          The Bright Eyes Collagen Hydrogel Eye Mask

          • Contains Co-Q10 which is an antioxidant to zap free radicals 
          • Soothing, calming, hydrating, and brightening 

          The best tip of advice I can suggest is to store your eye patches in the fridge. Sounds a little kooky, but it’ll help to give you a nice cooling boost and re-energize you when you go to put on a pair.

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